The HOA Board is fully committed to supporting the preservation of property values and will be consistently enforcing the HOA Bi-laws and Declaration of Covenants.

The Board is providing a reminder to pressure wash your driveway, aprons, sidewalks and eaves.

Lawns should be green and free of weeds and items are not permitted to be stored in front of or on the side of homes.   

Tree limbs should not overhang lowly over sidewalks or light poles and will need to be cut back.

Commercial vehicles are not permitted to be parked overnight in the community.   

If you own a commercial vehicle, it must be parked in your garage or offsite.   

Report overnight parked commercial vehicles immediately to Sentry Manangement and provide the property address.  

Parking on the grass and sidewalk is prohibited. Report any of these incidents along with the vehicle's license plate number to Lake Mary Code Enforcement by calling (407) 585-1365. 



Community ordinance states all trash cans must be stored in the garage  or behind a fence.  Not visible from the street. 

• Trash cans  are to be put out for pick up after 6pm on Thursday  and before 6am on Friday and must be stored by 6:00pm on Friday. 

• Yard waste  and house hold items are to be put out after 6pm on Sunday and be for 6am on Monday.
 For homeowner’s who use landscapers, please educate your landscapers to store lawn waste on the side of your property where it not visible from the street or they may take the lawn waste with them.  
• As a reminder items may not be stored on the side or in front of your homes.
• If you own a dog, please pick up after your dog.  There are pet receptacles located throughout the community to assist our lovable pets in taking care of  their business.