Sentry Management is Huntington Pointe Homeowners Association Property Management Company. They Over see 95% of our HOA services. Huntington Pointe has been with Sentry Management from the beginning.  They work alongside the volunteer board advising the board and over see the HOA Financial affairs. All requests for property changes and upgrades must go through Sentry.  They in return will advise the board who will then vote on the Property owner's request. If you have any questions we recommend you first go to the Sentry Management Portal and login to your Property Account at: https://accesssentrymgt.com/dx/sentrywp/index.html where you can view your bill and download ARC forms for property upgrades. If you can't find what you are looking for or need assistance, contact the property Manager.


L.Sharisse Butterfield
Community Association Manager
Sentry Management Inc
2180 West State Road 434 Suite 5000 
Longwood FL 32779
407-788-6700 Ext. 51118
407-788-7488 (fax)

If you are having trouble communicating with Sentry Management you can also email the HOA Board @ my.huntingtonpointehoa@gmail.com. We will look into and assit with solving the problem. Both Sentry Management and the HOA Board are here to work on your behalf, we are however bound by the ByLaws and the guidelines set forth by the State of Florida regulating HOA's.